1999 this Mustang was made and lived its life as a V6 for 265,000 miles until the inevitable had to happen in 2017. No this isn`t a typical cookie cutter LS swap that you would normally see on the net  but rather a 460 BBF that has been stroked to 552CI. The journey didn`t end there with the just the big block, I decided to challenge myself into giving it 2 turbos all under the hood with a functioning alternator for street use  . 

1999 mustang 460 driver side motor mount

This site is for when i get bored. And is no longer RcHeli related. 1/24/2021

460 Reid Powerglide
twin turbo 460
alternator twin turbo


1999 mustang 460 motor mount passenger

more to be added 

center mount alternator 460 turbo

Current Condition